1. Cant draw that well but I can trace like a pro. #tracelikeapro #mangadrawing #blackandwhite #drawings #notsobadbutstillcantbeanartists

  2. I dont know why but Im suddenly like interested in drawing? Can I be an artist too? #mangadrawing #drewthisusingblackpen

  3. Keep looking at my feet thou my shoes aint Lanvin __

  4. Everybody’s got a dark side, do you love me? Can you love mine?

  5. MONSTER CURRY RICE FOR DINNER 🍛🍤🍝🍜 Seriously too much for my stomach. #monstercurryrice #sundate

  6. Hi My name is Annabelle! #annabelle ✋

  7. Maybe I should go Korea to do something about my cheek bone. Hm… 😌😐 #faceistooround

  8. You cannot be me, so Just get out of the way and stay behind of me 🚫

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