1. I looked back and see how I’d come this far. I never want to go back to how I used to be. I don’t have a perfect body still but don’t judge. I sacrifice my health&good food to acheive at least abit of visible result. And I’m still halfway there… I need to put in more effort and push aside all temptations. Most importantly, a healthy body is a good body. And remember 世上没有丑女人只有女人。

  2. My vege diet 🍄🌾🍜 lets try this for 1 month!

  3. What do you seee? 👶👩👧

  4. Awww a primary school friend of mine tagged me thie photo on facebook and I swear… this photo brings back so many memories. We have joy we have fun we have season in the sun. Lol 🎵🎶🎼 ohmian!!! Spot me anyway! Wahahha #primary5 #kranjiprisch #kranjians #nolstagia #wearesofreakingyoung #wearestillyoung #weusedtobesoyoung

  5. ➡ mother 💋 & ➡ daughter 👄 #eternallove

  6. Because I’m Different, Because that’s Me ✌

  7. After for 8 lessons and the reminder of my 산상님 yesterday. I forgot to introduce the handsome principal of Sejong Korean Language School. Yes believe it or not, He is the principal. Many said he look even more handsome in person and he even has a fan club. Whao!! 😲😲 Even 선상님 said she feel so refreshed when she saw him. Lol! Thou I knew the first day he is the principal of this school, thats not the main reason why I chose this school la. Hehehe. I wonder will I able to see him in person or to be taught by him for just one lesson. Im rather curious about his voice. Wahahha 😂😄😛😜 #handsomeprincipalinthehouse

  8. 🔞🔞🔞👀👀🙈🙈🙈

  9. By William Shakespeare #quotesbywilliamshakespeare

  10. 😈😉😍😜😘😚😋😗

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